Can I swim in the pool or ocean if I have hair extensions?
Yes, but make sure to follow several precautions as pool and sea water can be particularly damaging.  First, rinse your hair with regular water before exposing it to pool or ocean water.   This will prevent the strands from absorbing as much chlorine, chemicals, and toxins.   As soon as your swim is over, shampoo and condition your hair.  If it is not possible to shampoo, then rinse your hair as soon as you can with clean water, apply a leave in conditioning product, and then shampoo later.

Can I wear my hair in a ponytail if I have extensions?
Yes, you can pull your hair back into a ponytail with no problem.  The bonds around the facial area can be concealed so that they cannot be detected.

How are extensions removed?
Removing hair extensions is not something that you should attempt on your own.  Proper removal by Venus Dees or a professional certified extensionist is crucial to make sure that your hair is not damaged in the process.

During removal, a gentle solution and professional tool is used.  No hair loss will occur during the procedure.   The hair from natural daily shedding from the scalp with be trapped in the bonds, but that is normal. Remember you lose an average of 100 strands a day naturally and those will be caught into the bonds.

Can tanning beds affect the bonds?
Any excessive heat can soften the keratin bonds where the extensions are attached to your natural hair.  For best results, cover your hair while tanning to protect from direct rays and let the bonds cool before pulling your hair back into a tight ponytail or brushing.