Keratin Strip Tape In Hair Extensions

Made with 100% human remy hair, Extensives are innovative tape-in hair extensions that use state of the art keratin technology for adhesive bonding.  The structure of Extensives is completely seamless which means that once applied, the point of attachment is invisible.  No one will know that your gorgeous tresses are not your very own hair when wearing these extensions!

Looking for a way to add thickness and volume to fine or thin hair?  Tape in extensions are a great option because of the way the strips fold and bond around your natural hair.  They are also the perfect way to add highlights, length, and color without subjecting your hair to a chemical service.

Various lengths are available from  14-16 inches and 18-20 inches. Tape in extensions will  last up to 8 weeks with proper care, and they can be re-used.

Extensives Tape In Hair Extensions come in over 28 colors with straight and wavy textures.