More Q & A

What type of hair is used in SheHair USA Extensions?
Only the finest European, 100% Remy hair.  The term “Remy” means that the hair has been carefully chosen to ensure that the outer cuticle of every strand is consistent and the same from root to end.   This is extremely important and one of the factors which sets SheHair USA quality far above other brands.

Non-remy hair used by other companies does not undergo the same rigorous selection process.   With non-remy hair, the cuticle layer of some strands will run in one direction while the cuticle of other strands runs in the opposite direction.  This inevitably leads to tangles, matted hair and styling nightmares.  Often, companies will treat non-remy hair with harsh chemicals in an attempt to remove the cuticle layer, making the strands fragile and easily broken.

That said, remy hair is the absolute highest quality and best option when it comes to hair extensions.  SheHair USA uses only remy hair that has been gently hand-selected.   The hair is available in over 91 different color choices, many lengths, and 3 textures. No other brand offers more beautiful options for enhancing your hair’s volume, length, color, texture and so much more.

How much in- salon maintenance is needed after I get my extensions?
Typically, it’s best to schedule a follow up appointment sometime in the 2 to 4 week period after your first set of hair extensions are applied.  During your visit, we’ll check to make sure that your hair is still in excellent condition and that the bonds are secure. It’s also a great time to ask any questions that you may have about caring for your hair at home.  Other maintenance check appointments are recommended every few months.

Is at home maintenance difficult?
No, quite the opposite.  It’s very easy to take care of hair extensions.
• For brushing, invest in a good quality loop brush or special bristle brush, and be sure to brush from the bottom up, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots.  A normal hair brush is not recommended for extensions.
• If you wash your hair at night, make sure it is dry before going to bed. Never go to bed while your hair is wet or even damp.  This can lead to tangles in the morning which may be difficult to undo.
• To keep hair tangle free while you sleep, gently braid it into a loose braid.
• Use only sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.  Avoid using any oil based products on your hair.
• Brush on a regular basis to prevent tangles.
• Never color, perm or use any chemicals or over the counter drugstore products on your hair without consulting Venus first.
• Avoid overly hot water for showers and shampoos.  Hot water is neither healthy for your natural hair nor your extensions.  It strips away the natural oils that keep your hair feeling soft and supple, and can lead to dryness.

Can I use my hair tools the same way on my extensions?
Yes, you can.  Just remember that continual use of high heat on your hair (whether it’s from a flat iron, a curling iron or from the nozzle of a blow dryer) can cause damage to not only your extensions but your natural hair as well.   Always opt for the lowest temperature setting possible on all of your tools, and apply a thermal protector to your hair before styling. When using curling wands and flat irons, avoid using them near the bonds and this will ensure that they do not also become damaged.