Strand by Strand Bonded Hair Extensions

Sometimes a little extra hair is all you need!  Strand by strand bonded hair extensions are perfect for making short or medium length hair look longer,  and they are equally fabulous for adding thickness to hair that longs for a little extra volume.  Want to add a streak of color without committing to a chemical color service at the salon?  These extensions can add a pop of color almost instantly, and then when you’re ready to return to your normal style, they can be easily removed.

Strand by strand keratin tipped hair extensions are offered in over 91 colors. These colors range from icy blondes, rich copper tones, decadent chocolate browns, sultry reds, many ombré options, highlighted two-tone blended colors as well as pastels and fantasy colors.

SheHair USA strand by strand extensions are available in 14-16 inches, 18-20 inches and 24-28 inches long.

Available in straight, wavy and curly textures, providing options for every hair types.